Jaclyn Brett
I like fandom. I like writing. You can connect the dots.
Hannibal Season 2: Opening Fight Scene Released

Hannibal sure isn’t pulling any punches with the promos this week; the opening scene from the upcoming premiere was released a few days early.  

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Hannibal Season Two: News Roundup

The second season of the hit crime show Hannibal draws ever-nearer, and fans have been served a number of delicious teasers.

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‘Percy Jackson’ musical in the works for off-Broadway run

According to casting calls from Backstage.com, professional off-broadway company, TheaterWorks, is in the market for a musical based on The Lightning Thief, the first book in the Percy Jackson series.

It looks as if the musical will feature older actors in the main roles, like the film adaptation. Percy himself will be an actor 18 or older, but, according to their descriptions, still be portraying the 12 year old described in the books.

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Loved ‘The Fault in Our Stars’? Try these books!

It’s finally here! After a great collection of behind-the-scenes looks, set pictures, and a resounding approval by John Green, the Fault In Our Stars trailer arrived on Wednesday.

As much as I enjoyed all of the excitement (the name of the book/film was a top trending topic on Twitter), I was also reminded of the book itself: not as something to recommend or promote, as I’ve been happy to do, but as a story.

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An Open Letter to Doctor Who: Reflections on the 50th

November 23rd was a miracle day. Worth all the hashtags, trailers, and sneak peek reveals.

I sat in a roomful of more than 20 people huddled around a TV, laughing and screaming and clapping. Sitting with that group, surrounded by Gallifreyan symbols and cardboard Daleks, I realized the 50th anniversary wasn’t about the special episode. It wasn’t about the War Doctor or David Tennant or how many times they could bring back the fez. It was about Doctor Who, all of Doctor Who, and what it means to the people who love it. It’s about everyone it’s touched, every single one of those 77 million people all tuned in at the same time. The dad laughing at the bantering Doctors. The eight-year-old hiding from the Zygons. The overexcited blogger screaming at the sight of Peter Capaldi. The college girls dressed in bow ties at the cinema showing. The lifelong fan who falls out of his chair when he sees Tom Baker. A great assembly of fans of all ages, each who love Doctor Who in their own special way

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Learning from Tea

The first tea I ever liked was the John Watson blend, a discovery I made on Adagio after discovering a strategic Tumblr promo. Saturated as I was  at the time with oversteeped and unsweetened Lipton, my image of tea was limited, to say the least. Oh, those were the days. Now I own more loose tea than T-shirts, and my ever-expanding tea drawer brings me joy.

This love of tea combined with my recent foray into the world of Hannibal inspired me to try blending tea for myself. What started out as a weird little idea I thought I would do just for kicks became an unusual exercise in understanding the characters I was attempting to portray.

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